My first reaction was, “What? It can’t work. How is this possible?“

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You have been using CA method for some time, can you tell in what field and what are its advantages in this area?

We work with CA method in the field of sports psychology. We use mainly the athlete profile, profile of a coach and team profile. It’s a great way to get valuable information quickly before we start working with the client and we can plan how and in what way we should communicate with him/her so that the outcome of the work is as effective as possible.

Are there any other methods you like to use?

I personally do not use other methods for data collection and evaluation of the results. I mainly use CA method to collect primary client information. However, when working with clients we use various forms of activities and drills to improve skills and abilities to handle specific situations in the sports environment.

Do you remember when you first heard about CA method? What were your first reactions?

I remember it very well. The first time I heard about CA method from my current colleague Zuzka Pšeňáková at the International Conference of Young Sports Psychologists (ENYSSP). She presented the company she works in and introduced me a little bit about the Method they use. First, the reaction in my head was, “What? It can’t work. How is this possible?” I went to the Erasmus internship and when I came back I said to Zuzka that I would like to know more so I started to practice and the next year I tried to understand as much as possible about CA method and its use in sports.

So CA method together with SportMind HDTS opened the way to sports psychology and my dream work, using the CA method.

Did you need to verify its predictive ability and accuracy? How?

I am a very curious person and I need to understand everything and that was the case with CA method. First I tested the diagnostics myself than with my family and friends. I tried to deceive, influence or come to it on the joint. Of course I did not succeed, the results always fit or suited to the circumstances. I still try to mistrust and verify the results and check, but I have not met a situation when I did not agree with the result.

When you explain the principle of functioning of the Method to other experts, what do you usually encounter?

Our biggest problem when working with CA method is its scientific comprehension and standardization of this Method. Experts generally recognize only standardized methods with good reliability and validity. Because CA method bypasses rationality, it is difficult to prove reliability and validity through questionnaires. The second problem is that we quite commonly face distrust. People do not believe that it is possible to get so much relevant information through assessing their colour preferences. So we always suggest them to try it first.

Do you see any risks when working with CA method?

CA method is a very specific tool when working with people. It contains a lot of sensitive information and therefore the work with this Method and the availability of results should be bound with appropriate education and training in this issue. It is important to read clearly the information it contains and to know how to work with them. CA method itself does not carry any risks but the problem arises only when using and working with its results if the person does not have the appropriate education. The pitfalls may be the same as when using any other methods and work, but I think the most serious and necessary thing is that educated people in the field to work with this method, help the client and not hurt him.

Karin’s Bio

I studied at the Constantine Philosopher University in Nitra in the field of Psychology. I am 25 years old and I focused on sports psychology. I gradually develop and educate myself in this field. I work with individuals, teams, adults but also children. I try to implement my theoretical knowledge as much as possible into practice, which is in many respects different from the expectations I had during and after graduation. So far I have a broad focus, but over time I would like to start focusing on one maximum two areas. I chose sports psychology because of my personal experience in sports. I have been playing tennis for 10 years but it has never been perceived by me as a professional focus, I have always enjoyed sports. Based on the environment and the various personalities I have come across as a result of the sport, I realized that I would like to help them perceive the sport from a different perspective and I would like to help them improve their performance.

My example of usage

I have one example where CA method helped me understand and perceive a person differently from my first impression. I had the opportunity to meet a KHL player who was interested in a sports profile. My first impression was not quite good, and the man was incredibly physically great, radiating great superiority, pride, and mild arrogance. He sincerely put me under pressure only by his physical body structure and by the way he communicated he was very dominant. I was slightly concerned about the outcome of the next consultation. Surprisingly, looking at his profile surprised me as a very vulnerable and sensitive person he was and in a second I changed his perception in my eyes and had to completely change the way I wanted to conduct the next consultation. He was a man who had never been praised and grew up in an environment where he had never been good enough, and I wanted him to know that I appreciated his work, his tremendous effort, and told him that I appreciated him. These were the words he longed for a long time, and in a second his mask fell off him, he began to cry, and at that time I saw how much we could be wrong at the first impression. I realized that many times behavior could only be a mask to hide people’s weaknesses. The consultation gave a lot not only to him but especially to me and I am very grateful for that.